30 Days of Project #NoBuy

Happy Monday everyone! This past weekend I was sick with some sort of mysterious illness that left me feeling exhausted and just “bleh” so I pretty much stayed in cozy clothes and under blankets for a majority of Saturday and Sunday. I am thankful to say I am on the up and up and while I wasn’t feeling my best this weekend, the down time allowed me delve deep into the realm of sustainable living, plant based recipes and zero waste products. In my research I discovered this super cool content creator on Youtube, Christie, and I honestly fell in love with her videos. She offers a refreshing take on the sustainable lifestyle and is working to combat the myth that sustainable living is only for the well off. Watching her videos on repeat (along with some heavy internet searching) has me ready to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and I’m kicking things off with a project #NoBuy.

What exactly is “Project #NoBuy?”

One of the first ways to start moving towards a zero waste lifestyle is to STOP buying things and MAKE USE of what you already have. It has become so common place to continue to buy things without using up what we already possess or replace items that are still in good condition just because we want something new. SO in order to force myself to embrace what I already own, I am going to simply not buy anything for the next 30 days.

The few exceptions to the rule:

Now I can’t just cut up my cards and not buy a single thing for 30 days.. there are some exceptions that I need to make which include: groceries, gas, dog food and birthday presents for those special Pisces and Aries babes. As someone who frequents Target on a weekly basis “just because”, this should be a challenging experience to say the least. When purchasing these exceptions I plan to look for the most sustainable option like sourcing from bulk bins and buying fresh produce to avoid plastic waste.

What I’m looking forward to:

During the next 30 days I am looking forward to re-discovering some forgotten clothes and beauty products, embracing experiences as opposed to things, saving money, and developing newhealthy habits when it comes to consumerism. While I can’t guarantee it’s going to be a smooth ride without any slip ups (I am human after all), I am honestly looking forward to this challenge and am excited to begin embracing sustainable living.

I will be posting an in depth review of my #NoBuy project on April 9, 2019 and plan to document my experience along the way via Instagram, so if you’re not already following me there be sure to do so!


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