How To Gain A Positive Mindset

Happy Monday everyone! I have to be truthful: I wasn’t planning on writing a post like this today, but after what I dealt with last week I wanted to share what helped me adopt a more positive mindset.

I’ve been struggling with a lot of stress and ~life transitions~ over the last few months and I will admit that I haven’t handled it very gracefully. I honestly feel like I’ve been treading water and trying to keep it all together, and last week I just lost it all and pretty much drowned LOL. Yes, I am laughing at my mental crisis. Why? Because I literally looked like this every evening on the way home from work while blasting my Spotify playlist aptly titled “life goes on:”


ANYWAYS. Life does go on. And I realized after two days of acting like Ron Burgundy that I was responsible for my feelings/emotions and the only way to truly feel better was to put forth some effort and actually try instead of wallowing in self pity. Because you know what? If you refer to yourself as a joke, you start to believe it. As much as I love self-deprecating humor it’s not good to feel like a joke. So, I reached out to the Instagram fam, did some research online, and spent the weekend trying to practice what I preach. Below are a few things I did over the weekend to get me into a more positive mindset:

#1: Practice Self-Care

There are a ton of different ways to practice self-care, but one thing I love is a full on skin/body care routine. So on Saturday I spent the morning focusing on myself. I made a cup of tea, put a face mask on, did a full body scrub, gave myself a manicure/pedicure, toned my hair, etc. The phrase “look good, feel good” is SO true, and after spending what felt like forever in the shower/bathroom I honestly felt like a new person. Maybe you can exfoliate away the negative vibes? Either way, I felt ready to start the weekend.

#2: Hit the gym

Going on a long walk could work as well (but it’s cold AF right now in Tallahassee so I’m sticking to the indoors). The point is, get your body moving. I know when you’re feeling sad, the LAST thing you want to do is head to the gym but just think about how you’ll feel after a good sweat sesh. While I often don’t look forward to going to the gym, I have never once regretted going and am almost always in a happy mood on the way out. Regular exercise not only provides physical benefits, but it also releases endorphins, reduces anxiety and acts as a healthy coping mechanism. 

#3: Laugh

Watch your favorite comedy, check out a funny YouTube video or simply get together with a hilarious friend. Laughter helps stimulates endorphins and lowers your blood pressure, providing some much needed stress relief. It also helped to have something light to focus on as opposed to the “doom and gloom” feelings I’ve been dealing with.

#4: Read positive affirmations

Reading positive affirmations/quotes on Pinterest (and then repeating them out loud to myself) really helped this weekend. Sometimes you have to force yourself to get into a better head space, and reading (& then repeating) positive words can help you get there. By forcing some positive thoughts into my mind, it allowed me to stop constantly dwelling on the negative.

#5: Fuel your body the right way

I know this isn’t very “wellnessdonewrite” of me, but my normal coping mechanism is indulging in a large fry from McDonalds. No matter how bad things get, fresh French fries never fail to make me feel better. HOWEVER, shoving fast food down my throat isn’t a positive coping mechanism and while it makes me feel better in the moment it’s not doing anything positive in the long run. While eating out was tempting, I stuck to making meals at home and eating lots of veggies, fish and whole grains. Eating spinach definitely didn’t satisfy me like a large fry would have, but I appreciated my choices on Monday morning when I woke up feeling rested, hydrated and not ridiculously bloated.

#6: Write

I am not much of a journal keeper, but this weekend I wrote down everything that was bothering/upsetting me and then everything that I am grateful for. Making both of these lists was helpful because I felt a sort of relief once it was all laid out and it allowed me to see while there are a lot of negative things happening in this moment, I also have a lot to be thankful for.

One weekend isn’t going to fix what’s been going on in my life. HOWEVER, setting aside time each day to focus on the positive along with nourishing my mind and body will *hopefully* enable me to get out of this funk. I hope you have a wonderful start to your week and remember: it’s okay to feel like you’re in a glass case of emotion. If you find yourself there, know that you’re not alone and it WILL get better (the first step is adopting a positive mindset!).


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