Juicing with 3 Natives

Happy Monday everyone! Since 2019 has been dubbed the year of saying “YES!” and embracing new opportunities, I decided to get started and jump head first into the new year by completing my first ever JUICE CLEANSE!

Juice cleansing is not a new concept; however, I had previously written off the idea of a juice cleanse as I honestly never saw myself as being someone to go a whole day (or img_0269more) without eating and chewing. With that being said, I started to do more research on juicing when the whole “celery juice” thing blew up on the internet recently and the information was a lot easier to digest (pun fully intended) this time around.

While there was a ton of great information on the internet, I wanted to actually sit down and speak with someone who had extensive experience and knowledge of juicing and get their take on what I was discovering online. I reached out to 3 Natives, a company that originated in Tequesta, FL, and is quickly growing to have locations all over the state (including our own locally owned franchise in Tallahassee). I have always enjoyed the smoothies and food that I’ve had at 3 Natives, so I img_0291assumed their juices would taste great too (and I wasn’t wrong!).

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the owner/operator of the Tallahassee 3 Natives, Brett Nohle, and his mother, Shannon Guanche. We had such a fluid conversation about juice cleanses, 3 Natives, living a healthy lifestyle and so much more. They answered all of my questions (and then some) and I felt so prepared to embark on my first juice cleanse after speaking with them. Below is some of what I took away from our conversation along with my review of the juices I tried and how I felt after the juice cleanse.

Takeaway #1: A juice cleanse does not have to be overwhelming.

It is recommended for first timers to start small and stick with a one day (24 hour) cleanse. It is also okay to eat raw fruits and veggies while cleansing (I stuck with apples and celery) if you feel like you need a bit extra to eat or just feel weird not chewing all day.

Takeaway #2: If you are ordering a juice cleanse, it is important to educate yourself and understand the company’s juice process. 

  • Cold-pressed vs. conventional methods – While I saw the cold-pressed method mentioned a lot on the 3 Natives site, I had no idea how important this process was until I spoke to Brett. Conventional methods use heat to turn produce into juice, andimg_0285 while it is a quicker process, the heat starts killing off nutrients almost immediately. Cold-pressing produce into juice preserves the nutrients creating a juice that is full of vitamins, minerals, etc.
  • Local produce/ingredients – If possible, you should opt for organic, local produce to juice with. Using local ingredients is not only sustainable, but could provide even more health benefits. For example, by using honey that is locally sourced in the panhandle, 3 Natives of Tallahassee is not only able to support a fellow local business, but ingesting honey that is formed in your local area can help with seasonal allergies.
  • Made freshJust as produce loses nutrients the longer it sits in the grocery store, you want to make sure your drinking juice that is freshly pressed and has the maximum amount of nutrients available. Going to a local establishment, like 3 Natives, as opposed to ordering your juice online, ensures that you are getting juices that are made the day of and not filled with preservatives.

Takeaway #3: A juice cleanse is meant to aid your body and it’s natural detoxification process, not replace it.

When researching juice cleanses you will likely come across information that says a cleanse is not necessary because that is the main function of your liver (to detoxify what you are subjecting your body to). HOWEVER, img_0281spending 24 hours nourishing your body with plenty of vitamins and minerals, along with enough water, is something nearly every person in America could benefit from. As Shannon pointed out during our conversation, while the liver is our natural way of detoxing, constantly subjecting our liver to harsh chemicals, additives, antibiotics, etc. causes it to be overworked, which leads to poor performance. A juice cleanse is a way of giving your liver a break so that it can perform better in the future.

My Juice Cleanse Experience:

As requested, I placed my order for the one day juice cleanse 24 hours before I wanted to pick it up (this is so they have time to make your juices the morning of, and is literally as easy as shooting them a Facebook message). They had everything img_0279ready upon arrival and I was surprised to see that my total was only $33.50. After doing a bunch of research online with different juice cleanse companies, I found this to be a very reasonable price. Trying new foods is something that I have always avoided, but since 2019 is the year of embracing new opportunities, I made a vow to myself to drink each juice (even if I didn’t love it) in its entirety.  And I have to say, while it wasn’t the same enjoyment as eating McDonald’s fries, the juices were drinkable and the only one I would hesitate to over again with be the Twisted Ginger shot (pineapple, ginger and honey) simply because the ginger taste was overwhelming. During our conversation, Shannon suggested adding the shot to hot water and making it a tea of img_0275sorts if it was too strong so I honestly might try it again and follow her suggestion. Both The Beet and Easy Greens juice were sweeter than I expected, but otherwise enjoyable. My only other comment would be that if you are hesitant to try the Slim n’ Spicy because of the cayenne, just do it!! I really don’t enjoy spicy things, but drinking this in the morning worked even better than coffee to wake me up and get me going and I felt like I had a super productive day because of it. All in all, I think the juice cleanse was a success. It allowed me to get out of my comfort zone AND I got to meet two great people that are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.

How are you embracing the new year and getting a jump start on living a balanced, healthy life? Let me know in the comments!





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