Goals for 2019

HAPPY 2019 PEOPLE! To say that I am excited for a new year is an understatement. 2018 (especially the last two months) has seemed like a never ending series of challenging events and I am so ready to leave the upsetting memories behind in favor of a positive, worry free future.

Towards the end of 2018 I started introducing monthly intentions and I found that setting smaller goals each month (as opposed to big, grand ideas once a year) worked well for me. Nevertheless, the start of a new year always prompts me to evaluate what happened the year before and how I can set myself on the right track for improvements in the new year. In the past I have set resolutions that were quickly abandoned (I had “run a half marathon” on my resolutions list for about 5 years before I actually completed one!) so this year I tried to focus on simple goals that are fairly broad so that way I can focus on more detailed, specific ways to accomplish my yearly goals each month. The way I work towards my goals might differ each month depending on trial and error, but even small progress is progress.

2019 Goals:

  • Complete a 2nd half marathon (and actually continue working out after the race!)
    • The goal here is to develop a healthy habit of working out consistently. I plan to jumpstart this by throwing myself into training for a race so that way I have a guide to follow and a way to hold myself accountable.
  • Follow through on my savings plan and become financially secure
    • This is another resolution that I have talked about for years but haven’t ever accomplished. While I am financially independent, I have lived paycheck to paycheck for so long and not having a savings to fall back on has been stressful. I found an easy to follow savings guide on Pinterest, and I am ready to put this stress behind mein 2019.
  • Crack open my cookbooks and make one new recipe a week
    • I received several new cookbooks for Christmas (Thank you Taylor’s mom, Michelle!!) and I want to make a goal to start incorporating new recipes into the weekly routine. This will help fuel my creativity and allow me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.
  • Grow wellnessdonewrite through writing and being active on social media
    • This is kind of self explanatory, but I want to continue to grow my blog through consistent posting both on the site and social media. I re-started this blog in October after a stressful summer and I have found that working on WDW has been like a therapy of sorts and I want to continue to share my message of health, wellness and happiness to others.
  • Develop a plan for self-care that allows me to be the best version of myself
    • I have spent most of 2018 stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed. I am ready to embrace a positive, healthy mindset and that means focusing on what calms me and makes me happiest. Journaling, meditating, yoga, face masks, etc. I plan to look and try every self-care practice I can to see what works best for me in order to become a happier, less stressed individual.
  • Waste less, make use of what I already have and build relationships
    • In 2018 I realized how much waste I was producing and have done simple things (opting for reusable bags, eliminating the use of plastic water bottles) to help lessen the burden I put on the environment. 2019 is all about spending less time buying things and spending more time making friends and setting aside time to be with people who have similar values and positive outlooks.

Let me know in the comments below what you would like to accomplish for 2019!


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