“Healthy Tips” That Didn’t Work For Me in 2018

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a delightful weekend and is motivated to have an awesome, productive week! Last Monday I discussed 4 tips and/or tricks that helped me to become a healthier person in 2018. So naturally, I thought it would be relevant to discuss some common tips and/or tricks that DID NOT work for me. It’s important to note that just because something didn’t work for me personally, doesn’t mean it won’t work for others. I’m interested to hear what you did in 2018 to move towards a healthier lifestyle, and what may or may not have worked for you. As always, let me know in the comments below.

  1. Forcing myself to like “healthy” foods. As much as I want to love eggs, I don’t. I spent most of 2018 trying to become someone that cooks eggs for breakfast, because 1) I thought it would be a good idea to eat breakfast and 2) I was trying to increase the amount of protein I consumed. HOWEVER, literally every time I made eggs I would struggle to finish my plate and then spend the remainder of the day with the weird taste of eggs on my mind. It finally dawned on me last weekend, that instead of forcing myself to try and enjoy something because it is labeled as “healthy” maybe I should find another food product that delivers the same nutritional value I was aiming for but was actually something I enjoyed making and consuming (my solution to the egg dilemma was to make a protein shake for breakfast). Likewise, not every healthy food is going to work for you and your body. About a month ago, I had a horrible allergic reaction to quinoa, and as a result have given up on another food that is normally considered to be “healthy.” I think it’s important to recognize that just because a food product is labeled as healthy, doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to love it.
  2. Counting calories/macros. Counting calories and tracking macros work for some people. But it doesn’t work for me. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t found an app that I like, or that I haven’t stuck with it long enough but tracking every single thing that goes into my body is frustrating and doesn’t seem to help me much with my personal health goals. In an effort to be more self-aware, I think the main reason I have problems tracking what I eat is because it’s time consuming and I often have trouble trying to list every single item that I incorporate into a salad or dinner. Instead of focusing on calories and macros, I’ve shifted my focus to reading nutrition labels, practicing portion control and trying to be mindful of my protein and sugar intake.
  3. Comparing myself to others. It can be beneficial to look at other health/wellness influencers on social media. For example, I’ve gotten great recipe ideas, have found new inspiring quotes, and have be able to interact and learn from like minded individuals. However, this year I learned that comparing my physical appearance and my success to others does not benefit me whatsoever. We all know the Instagram gals that are constantly posting pictures of themselves in tiny high-waist bikinis and preaching about their fitness success and how they did it by kicking cardio to the curb and embracing weights. And those girls are great and can be so inspiring! But TBH, I enjoy cardio. And my body type is never going to look the same as those girls, even if I reached my goal weight. People are built differently. And success is defined in different ways. While those girls can be a source of inspiration and motivation, they shouldn’t be the end all be all of what I’m hoping to achieve.
  4. Jumping on trends. Golden milk. Celery juice. Bone Broth. Collagen Peptides. That is just a quick list of a  *few* of the new health trends this year. And while I do think that they all have potentially great benefits, if I bought every powder that hit the market this year I would be broke and honestly I think my body would go into shock from everything I was throwing at it. I’m not saying to avoid new trends all together, but I do think it’s important to do your research and select which products/habits/trends are best for you and your lifestyle.


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