The Weekend of Festivals

Happy Tuesday everyone! I feel like it was Friday, I blinked and now I’m back at my desk working away. This weekend was so busy (in the best way) and I wanted to do a quick recap of what I was up to. Fall in the panhandle means festivals on festivals, and this weekend I attended the Greek Food Festival along with the Florida Seafood Festival. Below is a full review of both events; let me know if you were there this weekend or if you are already making plans to go next year!


Tallahassee Greek Food Festival

  • Dates: November 2 -3, 2018
  • Location: Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church in Tallahassee, FL
  • Admission: Free, no pets allowedIMG_0072
  • Activities: Greek Market, GREEK FOOD (including a separate section for desserts!!!), Tours of the church, Live traditional Greek music and dancing performances by members of the Greek Orthodox church
  • Final Thoughts: This is my 4th or 5th time attending this festival and it honestly is so much fun every time! The food is absolutely TO DIE FOR. This year I skipped IMG_0079the dessert portion because after eating a gyro, Greek fries and tiropita I was stuffed. The live music and dancing creates such a great atmosphere, and I just love the home town, local feel of this festival. The event is put on by the Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church in Tallahassee and the people working the event are members of the church. Seriously, the food is all homemade by the church members and everyone is always so happy and pleasant during the festival. I could literally spend all day here just eating, hanging with friends, and watching the performances.

55th Annual Florida Seafood Festival

  • Dates: November 2 -3, 2018
  • Location: Battery Park in downtown Apalachicola, FL
  • Admission: $5.00 per person, no pets allowed
  • Activities: Craft fair, 5k run, Parade, Saturday night concert, Oyster shucking & oyster eating contest, Various fair rides and FoodIMG_0105-2
  • Final Thoughts: My expectations were very high for this festival. I had never been, and I’ve always heard/read that Apalachicola is a premier destination when it comes to getting the freshest seafood around. On our drive over, Taylor and I discussed all of the different kinds of seafood we were eager to enjoy like fresh oysters, shrimp, various kinds of fish and crab. We found parking easily enough, and the town itself is so cute and quaint that I am eager to plan a weekend getaway so we can spend more time in the downtown area. Once we entered the festival, we walked around to see what we were working with. Simply put, we were very disappointed. I was under the IMG_0106impression that there would be booths set up by local restaurants and fisherman and they would be selling different kinds of fresh seafood. What we found was one oyster tent (it was actually pretty cool, they were shucking the oysters right in front of us) and the rest of the booths/trucks were just your standard fair-type food. There were a couple of additional seafood options, but literally everything was fried. After grabbing a lemonade and a plate of oysters (we didn’t drive 2 hours for nothing!!) we left the festival and had a snack at a local restaurant, The Station Raw Bar. The fish dip was AMAZING, and the atmosphere was really cool. All in all, I’m happy that I went because I found a new place to explore, but I would not recommend attending this festival in the future. Also on a side note, this area is very much still recovering from Hurricane Michael. Portions of the road are washed away, creating a rough ride and I WOULD NOT recommend driving around at night.

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