The Long Awaited Return

HELLO PEOPLE. It’s been a HOT MINUTE (more like hot months) since my last post. A lot has happened since June and I am bummed that I wasn’t able to keep up with blogging while all of these life changes were happening, but sometimes you just have to live life and be present. Below is a quick re-cap of what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been hiding along with a few quips on what I plan on doing with the good ol’ blog.


I’m still a Tallahassee resident, I just moved three doors down and I have a new roommate, my boyfriend. This is significant because I am a crab (Cancer zodiac sign) and I am resistant to change so I made this a lot more difficult than it needed to be. The move itself was pretty painless, and while I’m so happy with Taylor, there are things I miss about my old house and living with Jo. A full blog post will be coming soon (along with pics of the new space!!) on how to make the transition from being an independent lady to living with a significant other.


During the months of July and August I worked A LOT. I am in the glorious field of property management, so the end of summer is a huge turn over period for my company. I worked every weekend, early mornings and late into the evening. Thankfully, every year this process seems to go smoother, and while it’s a pain to work a lot I am happy to say I made it through another season. The long hours made it hard to be motivated to do ANYTHING when I wasn’t working, including working out and blogging.


Shortly after we moved in together, Taylor and I hosted his family for the weekend while they were visiting for his graduation (CONGRATS TAYLOR). Then at the beginning of September my dad (and the pups) came to visit. I love having family visit, especially because this was everyone’s first time seeing the new digs, but hosting is no joke and it doesn’t leave a lot of downtime (especially because I’m the kind of person that wants to make sure everyone is entertained and happy and well fed at all times).


I wrote out this whole long thing about how I was feeling some type of way and it basically turned into me just rambling for a paragraph. The short version of it is: I feel burned out. Between work and life and being in a ~ transitional ~ phase of my life, I’ve just felt overwhelmed, exhausted and run down. I’ve spent the last couple of months trying to understand what led to this run down feeling, and have been working on finding new ways to bring calm, happy and motivating vibes back into my life. Additionally, right around my last blog post I had a bunch of work done at the dentist AND I received some abnormal results on a pap smear which means I had to undergo a colposcopy. I don’t think anyone ENJOYS going to the doctor or the dentist, but the past few months have just been a mess in terms of feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I debated about whether or not I wanted to share this news just because it might be considered TMI and I’m still new to blogging so I don’t know where the line should be in terms of sharing personal information, but after going through this experience and finding little information about this online I would like to (eventually) detail my own experience in a future post so that people that find themselves in a similar situation have a guide as to what to expect. Also, this is your friendly reminder to go to the dentist. I know it sucks but you know what else sucks? Having a mouth that is so sore because you decided to get 4 cavities filled and a cleaning in one day LOL.

So… what’s happening with WDW? WELL, I’m ready to be back. Working on content for the blog makes me happy and I feel like I’ve found something that I am genuinely passionate about and would like to get back to. Now that I feel more settled in other aspects in my life I’ve gotten back to exploring new wellness trends, making new recipes and reading about topics that interest me and I just want to share what I’m learning with others that are also maybe interested in the same ideas? IDK, I just feel excited and motivated and I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

TTYS (soon not later because there are big things planned),


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