Week 2: Updates, Failures and Maybe Some Success?

Happy Monday everyone! I have to be honest; last week was a bit of a struggle food wise. I definitely was guilty of over-indulging so I was very, very surprised when I stepped on the scale this AM and saw that I had lost 1 pound compared to my weigh in last week! Below are some specifics on what happened last week, and what I plan to do to maximize my success this week.
Last week:

  • I hit the gym hard and even though getting there was a challenge, (I definitely sat in my car before every session contemplating if I actually wanted to go through with it) I was always happy leaving the gym because I knew I had put forth my best effort. Also, I am very proud to say that I resisted the free pizza at the gym even though it smelled SO GOOD.
  • Not drinking sucks. That’s it. I want to enjoy a glass of wine while cooking dinner. BUT, I am sticking with it because at this point it’s more about proving to myself that I CAN do it and I’m trying to be better about setting goals and actually following through with them.
  • I ate out. More than once. And while I can sit here and blame other people for tempting me, at the end of the day it was me that said “yes” and I have to take some responsibility for that. HOWEVER, I am here to let everyone know (Jody) that I will not be eating out until Friday so don’t even tempt me with a snack because I will refer you to this post.

This week:

  • If the gym was my focus last week, I’m making eating better the focus this week. I’m going to (hopefully) accomplish that by skipping the grocery shopping this week in order to utilize all of the healthy things in my house that I try to avoid. They probably won’t be the most beautiful meals, but I’m trying to get ~creative~ so we’ll see what happens.
  • I need to actually document my experience throughout the week! On the last post I mentioned that I would be sharing some mid-week updates to Instagram which I forgot to do. Posting frequently on Instagram is like the least natural thing for me, so this week I’m going to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and just start posting!

I hope everyone had a fun weekend and is ready for an awesome week!




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