Bouncing Back from an Indulgent Weekend

Happy Monday Everyone! As I settled into my work routine this morning, I realized that I had not created a post last week. Looking back on my last blog (read about it here) I am happy to say last week was A LOT less stressful and I was able to resolve a lot of what was bothering me the week before. I hit the gym everyday last week and stuck to making all my meals at home, so I wanted to reward myself this weekend with something I have absolutely been craving: steak nachos from Tijuana Flats. While they were everything I had dreamed of, logging that meal into myfitnesspal hurt my soul. 1559 calories. That is more than what I should be eating for an ENTIRE DAY! And with that meal on Friday night things kind of just spiraled out of control with a weekend of cocktails, homemade pizza and bagels. Can you tell that I have a problem with carbs?? So today I’m hitting the reset button. This afternoon I’m working on a plan to maximize my time at the gym and am going to attempt meal prepping (recipe to follow, if it turns out good!) in addition to counting my calories. Creating a plan of attack and sticking to it is what I would consider a successful week. Above all else, I’m here to let you know that even if you’ve been stuck in rut of eating poorly and avoiding the gym, we can break that pattern by making changes TODAY! This is your wakeup call people! It all starts with holding yourself accountable. I can’t rewind time and un-eat everything, but I can make an effort to stick to my plan this week and not have another crazy carb-filled weekend.


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