Coping With Stress

Hi everyone! Do you ever feel like you can’t catch a break? I’m having one of those weeks where everything either seems to be going wrong or is out of my control. I am extremely fortunate for my life and the people in it, so the last thing I want to do is come off like I’m complaining or upset over simple things (hello first world problems) but I just feel like I’ve been struggling to swim upstream all week with no progress being made.

Everyone has a different way of dealing with stressors in their life, and I like to think I am someone that handles stress well (or as well as someone under stress can!) and works through it. This week was different; however, as instead of dealing with stressful situations that I can fix or work through I had to rely on the decisions and time frame of others. Not knowing what’s going to happen is SO STRESSFUL, no matter what the situation is! I am a planner, so this was a huge adjustment.

I am by no means an expert on dealing with stress, but I can tell you what (sort of) helped me this week:

  1. Make a list of everything that is bothering you, stressing you out or weighing on you.
  2. Beak down that list into two categories: what you can fix, and what you cannot control.
  3. Create a plan to resolve the items you can fix (and deal with them!).
  4. Let go of what you cannot control.

The last item on that list is a lot easier said than done! I made my list on Thursday and I cried in the shower for 20 minutes today, so clearly I have some more letting go to do (HA). BUT, dealing with stress isn’t always pretty or easy and sometimes you do just have to cry in the shower about every little thing and then tell you roommate that you “got shampoo in your eye.” Let’s be honest, we have all used the shampoo line before. Even though things might be hard and you might be in a super negative head space, just know that things have to eventually mprove! While this was a super stressful and not great week, I know next week will be better and I’m looking forward to checking the remainder items off of my stress list.

I should also add one more thing to the list: GET ENOUGH SLEEP. I can honestly say that running on too little sleep this week has made everything more stressful than it is. I am looking forward to an early night tonight (I am currently sipping herbal tea and sporting a sheet mask while lounging in the jammies) and a great day at the gym tomorrow!


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