What I’m Eating: Saturday Night

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a ~fabulous~ and ~fun~ Saturday! The weather was beautiful in Tallahassee (perfect for the spring game! GO GARNET!) and I had a relaxing day with some of my favorite people.

I usually do my grocery shopping on Sunday morning right after hitting the gym, mostly because the store is less crowded and I like to believe that starting off your day with something productive sets up the rest of your day for success. I’ve been a lot better about trying to plan out what I’m eating for the week and having a list when going shopping because before I was always buying WAY too much stuff, still going out to eat because I bought random things and then throwing away a bunch of rotten produce. Obviously saving money is important, but the food waste was really killing me. Every time I would clean out the fridge I would feel so guilty knowing that there are people all over the world (including my own backyard) that don’t have enough to eat and I’m just sitting here wasting food (not to mention all of the environmental reasons to cut down on waste).

All of this background knowledge leads me to the topic of today’s post: what I ate for dinner. Because I’ve cut back on the amount of groceries I purchase, Saturday is always a weird day food wise and tonight’s dinner was no exception. In an effort to use up the last of my produce from the previous week’s purchase I put together this green plate of food. I roasted brussels sprouts and then sautéed several mushrooms, a half a green pepper, Processed with VSCO with c1 presetabout a half a cup of black beans, and put it over zucchini noodles. It was delicious, but I knew that while I was staring at my fridge thinking “what can I make” it was going to be weird and I had to share the end result. Does anyone else find themselves in the same position? Making weird dishes comprised of random veggies in an effort to curb waste? Also on a side note, the craving for McDonald’s was so real this evening (there is one located right across the street from the gym I go to) and I just want to let everyone know I ate a plate of green vegetables instead. Here’s to another day on the #healthandwellnessjourney.. because we can only really take it one day at a time.


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