Tuesday Thoughts 001

I have a theory that Tuesday is the WORST day of the week. A lot of people think that it’s Monday, but they’re wrong. On Monday you’re still riding on the highs of the weekend, and for me the day usually goes by pretty fast because there’s a lot of catch up from when the office was closed over the weekend. Wednesday is ~ hump day~ and Thursday is the day before Friday. And we all know how we feel about Friday. But what does that leave for Tuesday? It’s like the day that has a grey cloud over it.

With that being said, I don’t look forward to Tuesday. It’s a struggle to get out of bed, a struggle to be productive at work, and just an overall not so great day. BUT in an effort to be a positive person, I’m trying to be mindful of these negative thoughts and feelings and work on ways to make them positive. I’ve been told that I’m a positive person, and while Tuesday ThoughtsI appreciate being known for that, I also want everyone to know that it does not come easy! It’s something that I actively work on and sometimes it’s a losing battle and I cry over uncooked frozen pizza (another story for another time). So instead of letting Tuesday get me down, I took a breather from work and wrote about it. And sometimes just getting those negative feelings out, whether it’s writing it down or venting about them to a friend, really helps. On a similar note, another thing that aids in the positive vibes is having something to look forward to after work. Tonight it’s a sushi date and that’s really helping me get through the rest of the work day. I hope everyone is kicking ass this Tuesday, and if it’s kicking yours I hope you have a wonderful dinner to look forward to.

Happy First Day of Spring!


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