My Half Marathon Checklist!

So today I’m heading to Seaside, FL after work to begin my ~half marathon weekend~

I’m am very excited and also very scared but I’m confident in my training and above all else am just ready to unwind and have some fun! Tonight I’ll be hanging with Emeril Lagasse (follow me on insta for pictures)! But before I hit the road I wanted to share with you what I’m bringing for the race. I’ve done a lot of research on what to bring vs. what not to bring and I think anyone in a similar situation (running a half marathon fort he first time) would find this info helpful.

  1. Wireless Headphones: I really really really wanted to purchase a pair of Powebeats, but I couldn’t justify the price. I ended up going with an off brand from Amazon that had great reviews and a price tag that was much easier to stomach.p1.2
  2. Energy Chews: This was probably the thing that I spent the most time researching. 81uEheAX+FL._SX355_I’ve never used energy chews or gels for the previous races that I’ve completed (because the longest I’ve run was a 10k) but I read that they are very helpful when running longer distances to fight fatigue once you start getting up there with the miles. I went with Honey Stinger Chews because I was concerned that the gels would taste too much like cough syrup, and a lot of people online mentioned that if you have a more senstive stomach, this is the brand for you.
  3. Running Belt: I picked up a belt for $5.99 from Marshall’s. They only had a bright pink one, but my main concern was that it fit my phone, ID and chews and this fit the bill. I’ve heard great things about FlipBelt but went with a cheaper option just because I don’t want to invest in a bunch of expensive gear if this is the only race i end up running.
  4. Clothes and shoes: I probably could do a whole post about my running shoe woes and probably will some day. But I’m just using the clothes/shoes that I’ve been training in so I know they feel well/don’t bother me while I run.
  5. Hat: I’m just using a basic baseball cap. I probably could have spent some money on a nice running hat, but I didn’t think about it until it was too late to order off of Amazon. download (2)
  6. Balm: TBH I don’t really know if i’ll need this. BUT it’s kind of one of those things that I would rather have and not need than need and not have. BodyGlide is what most runners use, so I went with that.

Another really super important note that I read is that you should never try anything new on race day. Whatever items you decide to bring/use should be ones that you’ve tried out on runs before and enjoy. Because this is a fitness journey and I’m a n00b, I’ll be using some of these for the first time on Sunday. I’m not happy about it, but unfortunately time just didn’t allow it and let’s not forget that I just decided I was actually running this 5 weeks ago (LOL). Anyways, have a great weekend and I’ll check back in on Monday with how the race went and how these products did!


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