Changes Coming!

Guys, actually trying to maintain a blog is harder than it seems! I want to devote time to the site and creating content that I enjoy and am proud of, so the feeble past attempts just won’t cut it!

I launched this site rather quickly, with the mentality that I can always change or tweak it as I went along, and that’s what this weekend is all about. I had a friend recently tell me that he’s struggling with defining his brand, and it made me start to think to myself “what is my brand?? What is the brand of this blog??” Clearly I’m trying to go with a sunny beachy brand (which matches my current location and centers on something I love) but my topics are all over the place. The idea of a lifestyle blog is so hard. But perhaps that is because my life is kind of all over the place and my blog reflects that? Who knows? What I do know is that I’ve carved out some time for “creative thinking” this weekend and will be doing some minor updates to the site (and working on a bunch of posts for the upcoming week).

Time management is something that a lot of people struggle with, and even though I like to think of myself as someone who excels at time management, I have my moments too. Sometimes it’s just more fun to watch My 600lb Life than work on the blog, even though it’s something that I’m so passionate and excited about.

Anyways, I can probably ramble along for a while about branding and blogs and time management issues, but instead I’ll let everyone get back to work. Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend!


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